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‘VENDS DOT ME’ and ‘VEND INTERNATIONAL’ are collaborative development of innovative infrastructures involving blockchain. ‘VENDS DOT ME’ and ‘VEND INTERNATIONAL’ are collaborative initiative with ‘TRANSIENT DENDORS DOT COM’ as well as ‘PAY DIGITAL CURRENCY IO’. You are proceeding at your own risk this site is in beta. Participation in this site requires a wallet designated by ‘WAIT INCENTIVE TOKEN COLLABORATIVE NETWORK’ for more information click here!


-Cryto Calculator
(Developing Service Financial Indicators Tools Resources Via. PersonalServiceCorporation.io)

-->For Participation Rewards *Aquire Wallet Designation for ‘WAIT INCENTIVE TOKEN COLLABORATIVE NETWORK’ and apply for whitelist. For more information click Here.

-->For shareholders and people I Know, if potential interest in governance, we are starting domestic for beta however there is opportunity for near equal priveledge as 'non-voting governance' for international prospects. If this appeals to you please read "how to Become A Partner."


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~This website is Beta Version. *You Are Proceeding At Your Own Risk—->

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